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Minglewood Kennels (map reference: N40° 44' 43" W074° 52' 01") is located in Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, approximately 2 miles up from Califon (Route 513) on Sliker Road. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality care for your dog or cat while you are away from home. We maintain a safe and comfortable environment for our guests and offer individual attention at all times. The kennel building is positioned adjacent to our home. It is a small facility that can house a total of fourteen dogs. The dogs spend the majority of their time inside the kennel. Each guest is lodged in an area of approximately four feet X four feet (16 square feet total.) They are raised off the floor on a platform that keeps them off of the concrete floor and away from drafts and liquids. Fresh water is provided at all times and is changed daily. The dogs are let out into individual outdoor covered runs a mimimum of three to four times a day. It is in these runs that dogs may socialize with their neighbors and eliminate. Interior housekeeping and food preparation is accomplished while the dogs are outside. Once the dogs are brought back into the kennel, the exterior runs are sanitized and disinfected. The building is heated, which allows year-round operation. Draw-out fans and ceiling fans are utilized in the summer months. In the event of a power outage, Minglewood Kennels has generator backup enabling us to maintain our business and continue to care for the animals in our care.


The Cattery at Minglewood Kennels is located in the basement of our home. It is a well lit, clean and safe environment. The facility may hold up to 14 guests. Each cat is housed in an individual area of 2 X 3 X 3. Fresh water is provided at all times and is changed daily. They have soothing music and visual stimuli to help acclimate them to their surroundings.


The grooming salon at Minglewood Kennels caters to all breed pet grooming. We strongly urge our clientele make their next appointment when picking up their pet. The duration between appointments is left solely to the client, though we will offer suggestions based on the particular pet's needs. Further information is available via phone.


Please visit our new Training Overview. You may reach Lisa for training specific information via email.


The kennel provides food for the majority of its guests. Our dry dog food is Blue Seal Natural 26 Dog Food . If canned meat is required, we now ask owners to supply their own. We gladly offer small & large original Triumph dog biscuits . The cattery proudly feeds Nine-Lives, both dry and/or wet food. It is permissible for owners to bring their own food. Regardless of who provides the food, Minglewood Kennels feeds it guests according to their owners request. Whatever is done at home is strictly followed at the kennel. We record and file all feeding instructions with an emphasis on AM and/or PM feeding and the quantity in cup measurements. The same provisions are made for our feline guests. At this time, medication provided by clients is administered free of charge.


Minglewood Kennels is open seven days a week for pick ups and/or drop-offs. On Monday through Saturday, our morning hours are from 8 o'clock AM to 11 o'clock AM and evening hours are from 5 o'clock PM to 8 o'clock PM sharp . Our Sunday hours are from 8 o'clock AM to 10 o'clock AM and 6 o'clock PM to 8 o'clock PM sharp . We are closed for business on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday. Our rates are based on a calendar day. Please check our Rate Sheet for current rates and News page for other late breaking information. We gladly accept personal checks or cash only.


Our most important requirement is that your pet's vaccination records must be up to date and printed verification provided for our files. For dogs, Minglewood Kennels requires a current Rabies vaccination as well as an up to date Parvo/Distemper booster and Bordetella or Canine Cough vaccination. Cats must also have an up to date Rabies vaccination as well as a current feline distemper booster. There are no exceptions to these rules.


We are proud to offer optional exercise walks for those guests in need of additional excercise providing the dog has the proper temperment. The base rate is $10.00 for one half hour of time or a fifteen minute session for $5.00. Frequency of sessions during a pet's stay or additional information may be discussed at the time of drop-off.


We strive to provide quality care for all our guests and given our fixed number of spaces, kennel availability is almost always at a premium year-round. It is never too early and almost always too late to make a reservation. Please check our News page to view the latest news regarding availability.

We are confident in our ability to provide your pet with quality care at a reasonable rate. Our personable service and attention to detail are the main ingredients in our recipe for success. Please feel free to contact us and learn why 700 plus families in the tri-county area bring their pets to Minglewood Kennels.
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