Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to come and visit the facilities. May I bring my dog?

We welcome visitors and potential clients to visit the kennel facility. We encourage you to call first just to make sure that we are home, as we sometimes run errands or schedule personal appointments. We actually prefer for owners to bring their dogs with them when they visit. The dogs meet us, we meet them and then they can go home knowing that they had a pleasant experience.

My dog has never been away from home. How will he or she adjust?

Most dogs who have been socialized to some degree will find boarding a pleasurable experience. The chance to see other dogs as well as the attention received from the staff enforces the fact that they are truly special.

I'm not sure if my dog will eliminate (pee and poop) in the outside run.

New or shy dogs are closely monitored as to their digestive habits. Those who exhibit an aversion to using the outdoor runs are placed on a lead and walked within our fenced-in backyard. They are never let off-lead. Usually after the first or second walk, they use their outdoor run.

My dog is used to walking everyday. Will you do that?

We are proud to offer optional exercise walks for those guests in need of additional excercise. The base rate is $10.00 for one half hour of time and may be divided into half hour or fifteen minute sessions. Frequency of sessions during a pet's stay or additional information may be discussed at the time of drop-off.

Do you maintain a waiting list when the kennel is full?

Minglewood Kennels does not maintain a waiting list for vacancies when the kennel is full. Most people are able to secure accomodations elsewhere once they learn of our lack of availability. In lieu of a list, we urge customers to call us back closer to their departure date to check for cancellations if they have not made alternate plans.

How about beds, bowls and toys?

We do not take bedding for a number of reasons. Most importantly, the bedding would hinder the upkeep of the dog's pen. Sooner or later, bedding will be eaten, torn up and /or soiled. We are also concerned with unknowingly admitting fleas into the kennel. Arthritic dogs and greyhounds will be provided with something soft to lay on by Minglewood Kennels. There is no need to bring bowls. Our stainless steel bowls are more than adequate for all dogs. Young dogs or those prone to chewing are allowed to bring a chewbone, preferably a Nylabone. 1 toy per dog is permitted as these items sometimes disappear when a dog's inside run is cleaned.


Do the cats come into contact with the dogs?
The cattery at Minglewood Kennels is located in the basement of our home. The majority of the dogs are always housed in the kennel building.

What type of litter do you use?
We prefer to use shredded paper in our litter boxes. It is easy to maintain, good for the environment and the cats love it.


I've never made an appointment at Minglewood Kennels. May I have my dog groomed today?
Since our present grooming clients schedule their next appointment upon pickup of their freshly groomed pet, the chances are very slim that we would have same day availability. We would welcome the opportunity to serve you and your dog and ask that you call us with regard to your initial grooming appointment as soon as conveniently possible.

Do you use heated cage dryers?
No, for our drying needs we use ambient (room temperature) air blowers and standard box fans.

Do you tranquilize a pet?

Under no circumstances will we administer sedatives or tranquillizers of any kind unless they are consented to and provided by a client.

I want my pet flea dipped. Will you do that?
While some grooming shops will dip a pet, we have phased that operation out in lieu of utilizing the less toxic remedies available through your veterinarian. We will still use flea and tick shampoos for problem coats upon request. It is advised that pet owners work in conjunction with their veterinarians when implementing a flea prevention program.


Why should I train my dog?
Training with kindness and respect will enhance your relationship with your dog and build a wonderful, lifelong bond. Everytime you interact with your dog training is happening whether you think it is or not, so why not make it count.

How long will it take to train my dog?

Your dog's whole life! Training should be a lifelong committment. Every time you are with your dog, every day, one of you is training the other. With hard work and patience most common behavior problems like jumping up or nipping or digging can be resolved in relatively short order over the course of several weeks. It is all about how much time you are willing to put into the training.

What kind of training do you provide ?
We use only force-free methods and we are fully committed to science-based, positive reinforcement training and reward in place of old-fashioned coercion and use of force. We do not believe in the need for shock collars or prong collars and harsh methods. We do not subscribe to old fashioned dominance/pack/alpha theory, these methods have been disproven and debunked.
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